Aug 5, 2020
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Taking a look at Automation

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It is said that automation is the way to go and in today’s world where home-based work has gained immense popularity, automation is the way to go.

There are millions of automation products available in the market today that helps us achieve our dream home, our life’s complete satisfaction. So the question now is what is lacking in home automation and what product or technology should be adopted and which one should we opt for.

There are a lot of Home Automation manufacturers in the world and Home Automation suppliers in the world available who can meet our demands in the field of automation.

Home automation is mind boggling. It can make practically all parts of your home more straightforward, more agreeable and more pleasant. Anyway you live at home, it can significantly upgrade your home living experience.

Home automation, however, is significantly less remarkable when it turns out badly. Also, sadly, because of things like ineffectively incorporated subsystems, insufficient usefulness, and establishment delays, home automation issues can emerge. Here are five such issues and how we can settle them.

Motion Sensors are among the most popular products and in the field of home automation in the world, these devices are used widely by home owners to avoid the intruders.

These are devices which are made up of a network of infrared transceivers which are controlled either by hand or by a switch. PIR sensor products are quite easy to install and can easily give you the results you desire.

It can alert you about any opening in the house or even help you locate the lost object in the house.

Another home automation product, which is used extensively in the world is the Smart House Alarm which can automatically lighten up your house from inside when there is an intrusion or a malfunction in the system.

Even if you are not at home then you can have the sensor turned on and it will inform the local authorities if someone is trying to break into your house.

Apart from that, there are a lot of home security products like Motion Sensor cameras, alarm systems and fire alarms available in the market today.

All these home products can help you in keeping a check on your home while you are away and thus keeping away unnecessary worry and tension from you and your family.

What Problem does Home Automation Solve?

Home Automation is a hot topic around the world right now and everyone wants to know, what problem does Home Automation solve? In my opinion there are two problems, Home Automation can help with.

The first one is the security and the second one is the control. With Home Automation you can control your lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, security, TV, PIR, Video surveillance with your smartphone and much more. Home Automation can save you time and money.

The security problem is simple. When you leave home for any reason, whether it’s going for a work or a vacation, what happens when you get back? Most people have a panic button that they press, but most times it’s either set to vibrate or has a long delay so it’s not effective.

The Home Automation system will pick up your cell phone call or doorbell and sound an alarm. If there is anyone at home, your security is compromised.

If you’re using a Home Automation system you don’t have to worry about this problem anymore.

Home Automation can help you with the security issue by turning on your security system before you leave and turning it off once you get home. If you’re leaving the house all day, this works great as well.

Some systems even have video surveillance, so you can see what’s going on around your home when you’re not there. Home Automation makes life easier!

Importance of Automation

Customer support

Customers today expect round-the-clock support. And automation is an easy way to make sure that organizations can deal with queries and concerns at any time.

Bots can offer on-the-spot support while employees are tucked up in bed. And some tools also allow you to schedule automated follow-ups via phone or email for a more personal touch.


Workplace automation can help tackle more than just customers’ concerns. Automated help desks can tackle your employees’ questions about holiday allowances, guest wifi log-ins, and basic computer problems.

And that enables your IT and HR teams to focus on more business-critical tasks.


Marketing is an area that can suffer when businesses are under pressure. But automatic tools that can send emails and make updates to social media can help you keep marketing activity moving however hectic things are.

And as automation becomes more sophisticated, this doesn’t just mean blasting your mailing list or followers with unwanted information. Automation can help nurture contacts through their journey and ensure you’re sending them highly relevant, personalized content, at the right time.

Employee analytics

Companies today hold a lot of really useful data on their employees. And it’s information that isn’t always put to good use due to the time and effort it takes to wade through it. But now, automation tools can delve into all that information and highlight important insights which HR teams can use to engage and motivate staff.

Hiring tools

All businesses know how important it is and how difficult it can be to hire the right person for the right job. Now workplace automation is making what was once a mammoth task much simpler.

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